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Google extends Chromebook range further across the world

Last week I mentioned that I've been working from a Chromebook recently, in this case an HP 11. However, folks in other nations are not all so fortunate, as the platform is not yet available everywhere. That's something that Google would like to change, for both the benefit of itself and consumers.

Today nine more regions were checked off the list with a poetic announcement from Google's David Shapiro, who is director of Chromebook marketing.

Shapiro says the operating system is coming to New Zealand, The Philippines, Norway, Denmark, Mexico and Chile. In addition, Chromebooks will soon be launching in three other nations - Belgium, Spain and Italy.

For those who have not yet tried out a Chromebook, you'll find the OS much more user friendly and familiar than you would expect. Now even more folks will get the opportunity to try out Google's lightweight platform and see what they think. No word on which models will be available in what locations yet.

Here's Shapiro's announcement/poem in full:

Chromebooks are coming to nine more nations to improve computing for all generations.

So we’d like to say our Hellos to our new global Chromebook fellows:

Kia ora to our New Zealand mates, where getting on-line will have shorter waits.

Kumusta to new friends in the Philippines, a better way of computing is what this means.

Hallo to all the folks in Norway Speed, simplicity and security are coming your way.

Hej Hej to the people in Denmark Built-in virus protection will be your new computing benchmark.

To Mexico and Chile, Hola we say Tons of apps and free automatic updates are starting today.

And in the coming weeks -- very soon, you’ll see -- Chromebooks will be in Belgium, Spain and Italy.

Chromebooks are easy to share, manage and use, With lots of shapes, colors and sizes to choose.

Stay safe with your data stored in the cloud, A smart pick like Chromebook will make your mom proud.

When Chromebooks in these countries alight, We hope our new global friends find some computing delight.