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Huawei 10Gbps Wi-Fi prototype test paves way for next-gen wireless speeds

Huawei has announced that it has run a successful test of 10Gbps Wi-Fi in lab trials at the company's Shenzhen-based campus.

The exact speed reached was actually a data transmission rate of 10.53Gbps on the 5GHz Wi-Fi band, which is incredibly fast – actually ten times faster than the nippiest commercially available Wi-Fi we have today.

Huawei reckons that this ultra-fast Wi-Fi could be commercially available in 2018, so it might not be too far into the future before it hits your living room. More to the point, it will be able to provide plentiful bandwidth to densely populated areas where lots of folks are on their mobile devices sucking up data, such as coffee shops, airports and so forth.

Huawei has been working on next-gen Wi-Fi research since 2010, and the company notes: "By utilising innovative technologies such as MIMO-OFDA, intelligence spectrum allocation, interference coordination and hybrid access, the next generation of Wi-Fi networks will provide dense networking for ultra-hot-zone services with a tenfold increase in spectrum efficiency."

The future of wireless networks will also be affected by new tech such as mesh networking, which Apple introduced with iOS 7. For more on that, see our in-depth look at why Apple's adoption of mesh networking could be revolutionary.