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IBM celebrates influx of Bluemix PaaS clients by enhancing DevOps and Bluemix services

IBM has added a handful of additional services to its Bluemix open platform-as-a-service with the number of blue-chip clients using the platform continuing to mushroom.

Bluemix now includes new DevOps services to improve hybrid cloud enterprises as well as other new Bluemix services that include AppScan, embeddable reporting, workflow, and continuous delivery pipeline services.

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“Since Bluemix was launched just three months ago, we’ve seen a rapid ramp-up of third-party and IBM services available to developers who want to use DevOps in the cloud to create composable, enterprise-class apps,” said Steve Robinson, General Manager of IBM’s Cloud Platform Services. “Much of this evolution stems from work we’ve done with clients and our collaboration with our growing, open standards-based ecosystem. We can expect this momentum to continue as a bigger share of nearly 18 million developers globally move the bulk of their app development to the cloud.”

The DevOps services improvements are utilised behind organisation’s firewalls and include continuous testing, release and deployment services that allow advanced analytics to be applied that measure mobile app user sentiment and quality across various platforms at the same time. It also includes continuous business planning and collaborative development services such as the Rational System Architect, Collaborative Lifecycle Management, and Rational DOORS.

IBM has also added a number of new Bluemix services that utilise IBM’s strength in big data, analytics, and open standards. It includes AppScan security enhancements, embeddable reporting services to bring advanced analytics into an app from when it’s provisioned, workflow services, and continuous delivery pipeline services. Bluemix also includes SoftLayer in order to help speed scaling, which narrows the distance between idea and production through instant access to SoftLayer’s cloud infrastructure.

There are a number of reputable clients that are already using Bluemix and IBM DevOps services to improve the way they conduct business. Among these are Bay Area Rapid Transit [BART], which is using a hybrid cloud and DevOps to bring important data to its mobile workforce. GE Capital, meanwhile, has improved software delivery through cloud-based DevOps.

FIMC is using DevOps to create an enhanced customer mobile experience with hybrid cloud, Born-on-the-Web MyMenu has begun using cloud, mobile DevOps and analytics to bring customer feedback to restaurants, and lastly aPersona has moved its security app to Bluemix to scale from small start-ups to enterprises.

“Organizations today are finding they need to quickly build and shift to mobile, social and cloud-based apps to differentiate customer experience. However, the best apps often need to reach into the volumes of data held behind the firewalls of organizations’ infrastructures. IBM’s DevOps approach helps teams connect that information to build better systems of interaction with both speed and high quality,” Kristof Kloeckner, General Manager of IBM Rational Software, added.