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Snap, chat, play: Microsoft to bring screenshot function to Xbox One

Microsoft has revealed that a screenshot feature will be brought to the Xbox One in one of the console's monthly updates.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox at Microsoft, hinted at the update in a reply to a user on Twitter.

"Yea, this is the list for the monthly updates, team is making great progress on the updates. More features to come," he wrote.

Arch-rival Playstation 4 already includes a screenshot and sharing functionality, which allows gamers to upload their snaps to social networks. Microsoft's omission of the feature reminds of its initial stubbornness to work with gamers on functionality, unlike its competitor.

Now though, Xbox One is working with fan feedback, offering a stream of monthly updates since its release in November, of which the screenshot feature will be one.

Here's some more feedback for you Microsoft: why not have a meme function? That way, I can frame those funny gaming moments for my friends with witty captions.

Though I'd have to buy the console first.