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The top 10 advantages of 3CX Phone System

The private branch exchange (PBX) vendor world is stagnant, outdated and has hardly changed since the 1970s. IT, on the other hand, is in a constant state of transformation, and technologies are becoming faster, better and cheaper every day. This whitepaper explains all of the benefits you can gain from switching to 3CX Phone System.

Traditional PBXs run on a proprietary, restricted operating system, which goes some way to explain why we've seen so little innovation in this area. The associated development tools are incredibly old and incredibly limited.

3CX Phone System, on the other hand, is based on Windows and delivers the latest array of operating system features and development environments. Crucially, this enables Windows developers to be much more powerful and efficient, because it grants them access to mainstream tools which are easy for administrators to manage.

This point must not be underestimated. A business' security is an area that must never be taken for granted. Therefore, it makes complete sense for system management to be made as simple and transparent as possible.

A massive advantage is that most admins are already familiar with Windows systems. Linux- and appliance-based solutions are a pain in the neck for administrators, who will often need to spend hours learning about them before even thinking about protecting the business from threats. A Windows'-based software PBX is a completely different kettle of fish.

3CX is also quick and easy to upgrade, taking just 5-10 minutes in typical cases. Alternative systems can instead soak up hours of effort and even more downtime.

Key areas, such as monitoring and backup are also so much easier through a Windows system. Familiar interfaces bring up important information, such as memory usage, failed registrations, and numbers of calls instantly. In the event of a hardware failure, restoring your phone system to another Windows machine takes a matter of minutes, or you can use the Hyper-V or VMware backup option to save a complete copy of your PBX to disk.

It's incredible to think that a Linux system might deprive you of PBX until you can find a physical replacement.

Perhaps sweetest of all though, are the substantial cost savings you can gain from switching to 3CX. Also featured on the list are mobility, scalability and flexibility.

For the full breakdown of the top 10 advantages of opting for 3CX Phone System, download the whitepaper now.

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