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VMware hits out at AWS hybrid cloud connector with stinging…blog post

VMware is locking horns with Amazon Web Services [AWS] over the latter’s decision to implement a new hybrid cloud connector that VMWare warns is a dangerous precursor to vendor lock-in.

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A blog post from VMware’s CTO Chris Wolf explained that the recently released AWS Connector for vCenter, a plugin that allows AWS cloud services to be run inside VMware-designed environments, will create significant complications down the line.

“If you want to move those workloads or simply run additional instances in a region with no AWS presence, an outsourcer, another cloud provider, or your own data center, you may find that the cost and complexity associated with migration or a new deployment is too much,” read the blog post from Wolf.

“The service stack would likely be bound to proprietary APIs, and all or most of the third party management and operational software will have to be replaced. You will be burdened with new QA challenges and likely will need to reengage with the procurement teams,” he added.

The company’s CTO also attacked AWS’ claim that migration using the connector would be a simple and efficient task and called the management dependencies involved “massive” before comparing it to “a game of Jenga” as once one service is removed the entire stack can come tumbling down.

It wasn’t that long ago that similar claims were being levelled at VMware due to the fact that its ESX hypervisor was causing company lock-in at the enterprise data centre level and software was adapted en masse in addition to other firms, such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft, creating their own hypervisors.

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Amazon released its AWS Connector for vCenter plug-in last week and the company has yet to provide a statement regarding the comments made by VMware.