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What makes a business partnership work?

As part of Sage's Secrets to my Success campaign, managing director and co-founder of boutique design studio dn&co Joy Nazzari spoke about what it takes to build a successful startup from scratch, and how you can take your small business on a similar journey.

In this video, Joy lets us in on the secrets to her business partnerships. For example, what makes a partnership work, and what doesn't. She tells us the perfect formula that helped dn&co climb to success, as well as why strategy is extremely important to her. Joy also explains why stepping back and allowing people to do their jobs is one of the most important contributors to any business' success.

She explains why some of the studio's best ideas came from some of the most unexpected sources, and lets us in on her tips for getting the most out of your employees.

Joy Nazzari: Managing director and co-founder, dn&co

Russell Hall: Co-founder, Hailo

  • Five part series to come.

Dr Ben Medlock: CTO and co-founder, SwiftKey

  • Five part series to come.

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