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Whitepaper: Solving today's distributed big data backup challenges yields information advantage

CIOs and IT leaders are faced with massive growth in infrastructure costs and the volume of information under their management. Their primary objectives of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, while mitigating risk and better aligning IT with business initiatives, are often stymied by today's datacenter challenges. However, a strategic approach to backup and recovery of big data, which is increasingly both distributed and centralized, will help firms meet operational and business objectives. Today's leading solutions not only enable IT efficiency but also allow a firm to access and reuse corporate information for competitive advantage, ultimately changing business outcomes. The ability for a firm to leverage information in backups and archives to drive increased revenue, launch new products, and optimize customer experience is essential in the current corporate environment. This IDC white paper evaluates the key customer requirements for backup of distributed big data environments and how HP Autonomy solutions address these challenges while also allowing a firm to mine its information to drive new business opportunities.

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