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Why your next phone system should be software-based PBX

Now, more than ever, it makes sense to move away from proprietary and appliance-based solutions, and towards a true software-based phone solution. This 3CX whitepaper looks at just why that's the case, and how you can get your business ahead of the curve.

The phone systems we use every day in our offices are more or less the same systems that have been in use since the 70s, which seems out of step with a world where every other aspect of technology is making astonishing leaps. The answer to dragging PBX into the 21st century is a software-based solution.

Part of the problem is that traditional phone systems run on proprietary and limited operating systems (OS) that use archaic development tools. This whitepaper looks at the advantages of a software-based option, and why the fact that it runs on commercially available and mainstream operating systems like Windows or OS X means it's the way forward. The whitepaper looks at the importance of taking advantage of all the latest features and perks of modern design environments, allowing developers to re-use features in the operating system and quickly add new functionalities.

Running on a mainstream operating system also means that your phone line benefits from all the constant patching that a modern OS undergoes. When it comes to stability, compatibility, and – perhaps most importantly – security, the advantage of having your phone system running on a mainstream OS can't be overstated.

Administrators should choose an OS that they're familiar with, and it's important that patches and updates can be applied easily and with foreknowledge. The whitepaper also goes into why the worst choice you can make is a so-called appliance that takes a custom version of Linux and bundles in the source PBX.

You can read about why these custom versions of Linux don't receive regular security patches, and how this kind of solution virtually eradicates the advantages of the software-based solution, and can leave your phone system vulnerable to attack.

If you're familiar with the operating system, upgrading to a new phone system is a simple process: find out how to do it on Windows in a matter of minutes. The whitepaper also goes in to why this isn't often the case on appliances or other open source-based systems, which are likely to cost you a lot of additional administration and down time.

Find out how to bring all the great advantages of software-based PBX to your business today. Download this whitepaper to learn about easy installation and management, how to leverage your existing server hardware, how to build in threat tolerance, and how to integrate with your existing business apps.

If your phone system is still stuck in the 70s, this is the one whitepaper you need to read today. Download the whitepaper today.

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