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Apple iOS 8 to offer speedy location-based app suggestions

iPhones will soon display apps depending on the current location of the user thanks to a new feature that will appear once iOS 8 is rolled out across the globe and allow quick access to popular apps like Starbucks and the Apple Store.

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Apple’s new version of iOS, which is already in the hands of developers, shows the logo of brick and mortar stores in the bottom corner of the lock screen if the iPhone is in the vicinity of a certain shop and will even suggest app downloads dependant on location.

The examples given in a story by MacRumors are Starbucks and the Apple Store and logos of each store appear in the left hand bottom corner of the screen to allow users easy access to both apps to make purchases in store using the app.

Other developers have reported that the feature isn’t just limited to Apple’s own stores or other major retail partners with one Twitter user reporting that an app for a train station pitched up on the lock screen whilst at the location.

When it came to suggesting new apps a further user stated that his iPhone’s lock screen suggested that he download the Costco app when at a local store, as he didn’t already have it installed. This took him to the App Store where the app was offered but access to the rest of the App Store was denied as he was taken from the lock screen of the iPhone.

The new service was mentioned in the iOS 8 release notes where Apple stated that it is a part of the system’s Location Services.

"When Location Services is turned on, the device's current location is used to recommend relevant apps on the lock screen,” read the release note.

It will mean that users will be able to turn the feature off if desired by switching Location Service for the App Store to the off position.

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Apple announced iOS 8 at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference, which is currently taking place in San Francisco, and it expects the new mobile operating system to be released at some point this autumn.

Image Credit: MacRumors