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Cat B15Q unveiled, rugged Android KitKat smartphone

Cat has launched the B15Q, a rugged smartphone which should be able to take plenty of punishment, and is apparently the first such effort to be available globally with Android KitKat on board.

The phone is built to MIL SPEC 810G and has an IP67 rating, so it's drop-proof (it will live through a 1.8 metre drop onto concrete), waterproof and dustproof. Also, the device's 4in display is Gorilla Glass 2, so it's scratchproof, and boasts wet-finger tracking, meaning that water on the display won't inhibit your usage of the touchscreen. The B15Q can cope with temperatures as low as -25°C, or as high as 55°C.

The handset's other specs include a display resolution of 800 x 480, a 1.3GHz Mediatek quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and 4GB of storage. That display resolution won't win any prizes, and neither will the storage capacity – though there is microSD on board for memory expansion.

As you'd expect from a rugged phone, it's also a little chunky at 15mm thick. There's a 5 megapixel camera on board with an LED flash, and the battery is a 2,000mAh affair.

Oliver Schulte, COO of Cat phones, commented: "With the Cat B15Q we have taken consumer feedback on board from its predecessor and added, for example, a faster processor and improved imaging capabilities. This is the first rugged handset available globally to support Android's KitKat so users no longer need to choose between smartphone durability and the latest Android features. The B15Q is a key milestone to Cat phones becoming the number one global rugged device vendor by 2015."

The smartphone will go on sale this summer, with a price tag of £299.