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LG wanted flagship G3 to have even thinner bezels

When LG pushed out the G2 handset last year, it went for the marketing angle of a "near zero bezel", and indeed rather than just fluff the phone did have an extremely thin bezel, particularly down the sides to give that edge-to-edge screen look.

The LG G3 carried on that good work – as we noted in our hands-on with the device, the company has possibly used witchcraft to get the bezels that slim – but apparently, LG wanted to have them even thinner than this.

Chul Bae Lee, VP of LG's Mobile Design division, told Trusted Reviews: "My initial expectation was that I wanted to go for even slimmer bezels."

He added: "I kept squeezing my engineers to make it slimmer and slimmer. They are all my friends but they didn't meet my expectations and this is the best we can do as of today. It is still one of the best in the market and it is all related to the technology development as well."

There speaks a perfectionist. Of course, when it comes to larger phones – and the G3 upped the display ante to 5.5in from the G2's 5.2in – that super-slim bezel is important to ensure the phone is kept down to as small a width as possible, so it can fit into the smallest hands feasible.

Apparently, while LG could have made the bezel even slighter, contemporary tech would have seen such a handset being too brittle in terms of the firm's durability and drop-test requirements. In other words, the glass of the display would've had to have been thicker, and that would have been an unwanted compromise in itself.

While there was some disappointment when the G3 was revealed to have a plastic body, and not metal as some of the buzz surrounding the handset had hinted at, it's interesting to note that Chul Bae Lee said with a metal body, the bezel would have needed to be double the size. So that plastic finish has its advantages in terms of aesthetics, after all.

The LG G3 will be available in the UK from the start of next month, where it will go up against the other premium Android heavyweights in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8. We've a feeling that given the G3's impressive hardware spec coupled with the good work done on the software front, this could be quite a hot seller for LG, despite the heavy duty competition.