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Amazon goes head-to-head with Apple and Samsung with 3D smartphone launch

Amazon looks set to continue its move into hardware, with the rumoured launch of its first smartphone.

The company is holding a product announcement on 18 June in Seattle and posted the below teaser for the device.

The video, which shows a number of users moving their heads with the unconfirmed product, is believed to show Amazon's first foray into the mobile phone market. The smartphone is rumoured to have front-facing cameras on each corner that can track the user's head movements and display on-screen images that appear in 3D.

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It is also believed that the phone will run an altered version of the Android operating system, meaning apps will have to be downloaded from Amazon's own app store, much like the Kindle Fire. According to BGR, the Amazon phone may take advantage of AT&T's sponsored data plan, enabling users to stream Amazon's video or music content without using up their monthly data allowance.

The likelihood of the new product being the long-awaited smartphone is high, as Amazon looks to increasingly involve itself in the hardware market, with the company's Fire TV now sitting alongside its successful tablet range.

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It was previously thought that the company would launch with two versions of the smartphone; one with 3D head-tracking technology, and a cheaper alternative. It remains to be seen if the latter is still in the works, but anyone wishing to attend the launch event in Seattle can sign up here.