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Intel and Samsung working towards sub-£250 4K monitors

Intel and Samsung are buddying up on 4K monitors in order to bring the price down to a more manageable sub-£250 price point – something that will still be beyond most everyday consumers.

The partnership sees Intel work with Samsung’s display division to make the displays that will mean monitor producers can sell 4K monitors for $399 [£237] and all-in-one PCs with 4K displays for $999 [£625], which are both around half the price of what is currently on offer.

"The fourth generation Core [processor] for desktop has always supported 4K resolution and we have some ecosystem investments from Samsung display where our goal is to enable making the 4K monitor at home in the industry by cutting the price in half," said Intel GM of its PC Client group Kirt Skaugen, according to The Inquirer.

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To offer the cheaper monitors and AIO PCs it will work with TDP and Viewsonic in order to take down the price of $850 [£506] monitors to $399 [£237] and cut the retail price of AIOs made by the likes of MSI from $2,500 [£1,489] to $999 [£595].

Bringing down the price won’t result in a loss of quality and Intel stated that all will still have 60Hz refresh rates, 100 per cent sRGB colour gamut coverage, UHD resolution and Technicolor certification.

Samsung has already made attempts to bring the price of 4K monitors down with a sub-£400 Ultra HD 4K monitor released back at the end of March in the shape of the $599.99 [£360] 28in UD590.

There have also been a number of rumours that have pointed to concept versions of its popular Galaxy smartphones that have a 4K display and the Galaxy S5 can shoot videos in 4K pointing out the company’s enthusiasm for the new display standard.

Image Credit: The Inquirer