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Tech News Weekly 21: Apple's WWDC gossip and how to protect yourself from GameOver Zeus

Another week, another security threat – though this time word on the web is that it's serious.

On this week's Tech News Weekly podcast the team delves into the potentially devastating GameOver Zeus malware that's been hitting the headlines. Exactly what is it? Where did it come from? And, most importantly, how do you protect both yourself and your business from its potentially devastating effects?

First up though, on a slightly more optimistic note, Aatif Sulleyman has been scaling the shard on behalf of Samsung. It turns out that the average Joe or Jane in the UK has a positive view of the British technology scene, with 68 per cent believing we're well on our way to becoming a smart society. We dissect the results of Samsung's survey, and find out just why the UK may be leading the way in technological innovation.

We also have been keeping a watchful eye across the pond on Apple's 25th annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC.) For the uninitiated, it is the Californian company's chance to show off to the rest of the world its plans for the coming year, and to introduce a whole load of new toys for developers to play with. So what happened at the opening keynote speech? Listen in to find out more.

Joining Wayne Scott on this episode is Aatif Sulleyman and Alysia Judge. To listen to the podcast, either click the embedded player above or download the MP3 here. We're also available on Stitcher.

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