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Three ditches roaming charges for five more countries including France

The B-52s once encouraged us to roam around the world with their catchy single in 1990, and now Three is also encouraging its users to pack their bags and head abroad, as it makes another five countries (four of them in Europe) free of roaming charges.

The countries in question are France, Israel, Finland, Norway, and Switzerland, and all will feel the benefit of the "Feel at Home" service, which allows Three subscribers to call and text folks at home, and browse the Internet, just as if they were still in the UK.

That means Three has currently flung off the shackles of roaming charges in 16 countries, including the US, Australia, Italy, Austria, Hong Kong, Sweden, Denmark and the Republic of Ireland (where Feel at Home has been in effect since last year).

Note that the service doesn't kick off in the five new countries until 1 July, so if you're going away this month, it won't apply.

Dave Dyson, CEO of Three, said: "Roaming charges are a rip-off and Three is tackling the issue head-on. We haven't just reduced charges; we've now scrapped them in 16 destinations, making it fairer, easier and more enjoyable to use your phone abroad. I want customers to stay connected when they're overseas without the fear of a nasty bill when they return."