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Twitter eyes up Soundcloud, Pandora and Spotify for potential acquisition

According to a rumour on Recode in May, Twitter was considering a Soundcloud acquisition.

A WSJ rumour then dismissed the move, alleging that "the numbers didn't add up" for a deal to go ahead.

Now it would seem that Soundcloud, Pandora and Spotify have all been eyed up by the social media company, going by information cited on The Financial Times website.

The latter two services have not seen the talks stage yet though, Twitter having only gone face-to-face with Soundcloud. The deals were "worth billions of dollars" and either would be Twitter's biggest acquisition to date.

Plans to acquire the $700 million-valued (£417m) Soundcloud fell through due to tension over the profitability of audio advertising and copyright issues.

The move signals Twitter's aim to expand its customer offering. After disappointing user growth and a halving in its share value this year, the company is trying to extend the time users spend on its app, and certainly the addition of a music feature could retain the attention of many.

Twitter's musical pretensions come alongside Apple's acquisition of Beats, the popular headphones company founded by Dr Dre.

Analysts have pointed out that Twitter does not quite have the cash to splash at the moment though, since despite raising $2.1 billion (£1.25bn) in its initial public offering, it still remains unprofitable.