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Android KitKat finally shows some strong growth figures

Google has made the latest Android adoption statistics available on its developer page, and KitKat is finally making some real inroads onto handsets.

The stats, which cover the week running up to 4 June, show that KitKat is now on 13.6 per cent of Android devices – that's some strong growth finally showing, as KitKat was on just 8.5 per cent of devices in the week running up to 1 May. More KitKat upgrades filtering through, and big flagship handset releases toting KitKat are doubtless helping the cause.

KitKat is now the third most-used version of Android, finally overtaking Ice Cream Sandwich, which is on 12.3 per cent.

Jelly Bean is still the clear leader, though, on 58.4 per cent (with version 4.1.x being the most popular variant of Jelly Bean, representing half of those users, or 29 per cent of the total user base).

Gingerbread is second on 14.9 per cent, so KitKat has almost caught it now – next month, we can expect KitKat to move into second place, finally.

Froyo has almost vanished now, being on 0.8 per cent of devices.

KitKat adoption has spread much more slowly than Jelly Bean – as we've previously noted, Jelly Bean was on over 10 per cent of devices in February 2013, whereas KitKat was only on 1.4 per cent in February of this year.

iOS 7, meanwhile, is on almost every Apple smartphone and tablet.