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Dropbox swallowing more startups with Droptalk acquisition

Dropbox has acquired startup company Droptalk, as it looks set to continue its interest in work-related communications.

Droptalk services, which include a tool allowing you to share links privately via a Chrome extension and future plans for an Android and iOS app, were not yet publicly available, having only been launched in a limited beta version.

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A company blog post states that Droptalk "set out to end the unnecessary friction around communication and collaboration by killing the work email."

The tool also integrates with your cloud storage, allowing you to see who is updating shared files, and it is the ability to adopt mobile messaging while retaining its cloud storage component that is likely to have appealed to Dropbox.

The acquisition also includes Dropbox taking on the some of the startup's founding employees. Entrepreneurs Ashk Bhardwaj, Rakesh Mathur and Anand Prakash each bring a wealth of experience to their new roles. Bhardwaj helped grow Aricent into a $30 billion company, while Mathur and Prakash both had success at Webaroo.

Completing the aqui-hire are Manveer Chawla and Nirmesh Mehta, and it seems that, for the time being at least, Droptalk will cease to operate. The company is no longer accepting signups to its beta service, but given Dropbox's recent acquisitions, it seems plausible that some of Droptalk's messaging capabilities will be integrated into Dropbox in the near future.

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The terms of the Droptalk purchase have not been fully disclosed, with the deal becoming the latest in a series of cloud computing apps looking to tap into social and communication opportunities. Earlier this year, Dropbox obtained Zulip, another pre-launch, stealth company developing a workplace messaging solution.