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e-skills UK announces tech industry apprenticeship

Tech skills organisation e-Skills UK has announced the creation of a new apprenticeship scheme aimed at encouraging employers to fill high demand roles with apprentices.

The not-for-profit acts as a business and IT skills council, working on behalf of employers to help ensure the UK is equipped to thrive in the digital world.

IT firms including Bango, BT, Capgemini, Fujitsu, IBM, Oracle and Visa have partnered with the organisation to design the Tech Industry Gold Apprenticeship course standards.

The course standards are designed so that a candidate’s technical, interpersonal and business skills will be developed in a way that prepares them for roles in software and web development, cyber security, technical support and database analysis.

According to e-Skills UK, the Tech Industry Gold Apprenticeship holds many benefits because it is receiving industry backing.

The companies involved in setting the course standards are promoting the scheme, which the organisation claims helps attract “the best and brightest new talent.”

It also claims that the range of skills developed over the course lead to the candidate becoming productive more quickly.

Firms already receiving accreditation

Training providers are now receiving accreditation to deliver the new apprentice scheme - Just IT, TDM Wyre Academy and QA Apprenticeships are already accredited.

“We believe the sector backing for these programmes will give many more employers the confidence to invest in talent via this route,” claimed Simon Perriton, Just IT CEO.

“By choosing Tech Industry Gold apprenticeships, companies know that their new recruit will learn the skills and get the support they need to quickly become a valuable team member,” added Derrin Kent, TDM Wyre Academy managing director.

To receive accreditation, an organisation must demonstrate they can support quick development of the apprentice and the company they work for.