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Best tech Father's day gift ideas of 2014

On Sunday 15 June, Fathers across the UK will be ripping off reams of wrapping paper in the hopes of finding a present that isn't a watch, a tie or a pair of socks.

This year, give dear old Dad something different – to help you out, we've had a quick brainstorm and come up with a shortlist of a high-tech gift ideas we think he'll love.

Personalised 16GB key USB drive

First up is a 16GB USB key drive. While you my initially crinkle your nose in disgust and wonder where our sense of creativity went, hear us out. This is no ordinary USB stick, destined to the furthest depths of the man draw with only an old IKEA receipt and a broken spool of sellotape for company. This is a personalised USB key drive.

So what does that mean? According to Merci Maman who makes it, you can engrave up to 20 characters on the stick. Whether a personal message, a pithy quip or simply "Happy Father's Day," this is a USB stick your Dad won't want to lose. We particularly love the idea of filling the key drive with family photos, slideshows or videos for a truly personal touch.


Fitbits are the fad du jour, sported on countless wrists up and down the country all in the name of healthy living. The idea is these little bands will help the wearer get active, eat better, sleep better and manage their weight without being ostentatious or clunky.

They've been hailed as one of the most "wearable" wearable technology devices on the market, so why not splash out and treat one on your fitness loving father? With the cheapest option costing just £49.99, there should be an option for all budgets too.

Vintage wooden golf club iPhone 5 and 5S dock

Inspired by the wooden headed era of golfing that stretched from the 1930s to the 1970s, Etsy is selling handmade vintage wooden golf club docks for the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s by Dock Artisan.

The handmade club has been cleaned and polished with a combination of beeswax, carnauba wax and orange oil – whether to preserve it or have it double as an air freshener, we're not entirely sure.

Either way this is the perfect gift for a golfing fan who remembers the golden age of golfing, but who will also appreciate the marriage of vintage sport with modern day technology. The golf club docks are all limited release, so get in there quick before they're all gone.

Click message clock

This Click message clock by Ginko Electronics is not only a beautifully modern time piece, but an unusual and personal gift.

The clock can display the time, date and weather alternately but also will switch off automatically when the room is quiet. It means no more being kept awake by the constant glare of a bright digital display; you only need click your fingers or tap your bedside table and the clock will light up again.

The truly personal bit though comes in the message you can programme into the display. The clock can store up to 7 different messages that will display either when the alarm goes off in the morning or will flash up randomly alongside the time and weather. Pretty nifty.