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Mobile app of the day: Marco Polo

You pick your phone up, you use it, then you put your phone down. Later, you want to make a call. Where's the phone? Nope, you really can't find it. Bah! Better ring it from another number. Oh, wait, you left it on silent. Now what? The hunt begins. You might spot it just by looking around. But if it fell out of your pocket down the sides of your sofa, that's not going to work.

iPhone owners (as well as iPad and iPod Touch owners) who have installed Marco Polo can shout "Marco" into thin air and get a responding "Polo" from their device. Even if the handset is in silent mode.

It doesn't have to be Marco and Polo, either; you can change that. Of course, if you've left your iPhone at the far end of your home you might still have to do a bit of walking around to hear it, and if you've left it in a café and gone home, well, you aren't going to get much joy out of the app. But still, it is a pretty smart idea that might prove really useful for the more forgetful among us.

Click here to download Marco Polo for iOS.

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