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Vertu Signature Touch launched, £6,700 handmade luxury smartphone

If you've heard of Vertu, then you're aware that they make some very pricey luxury smartphones, and the latest model doesn't stint on the quality or indeed the price tag which is close to seven grand.

The Vertu Signature Touch has a brushed titanium chassis twinned with hand-finished calf leather (not really a phone for vegans, then), and its 4.7in screen is overlaid by 118 carat solid sapphire crystal for protection. This display is apparently highly scratch resistant – and indeed impervious to anything but diamond ("Diamonds are forever... and really good at scratching things..." as the song goes). The screen is optically perfect, Vertu claims, with the company using a multi-layer coating to reduce reflection and make the handset easier to use in brightly lit conditions.

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Vertu's Creative Director, Ignacio Germade, commented: "The extraordinary nature of Signature Touch is reflected in its design, which has a classic elegance to it that is recognisably Vertu but with a modern and confident approach. It is consciously masculine, a style enhanced by the beautifully finished titanium and hand crafted leather. We have introduced an exquisite colour palette which includes Claret, Seaspray, Damson, Navy and Jet Black making the range even more attractive."

Okay, so what about the specs? That 4.7in display is 1080p resolution, offering 470ppi, and the handset is powered by a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon CPU. There's a 13 megapixel camera with twin LED flash, and a 2.1 megapixel front-facer. 64GB of memory is on board, and the phone boasts stereo speakers with Dolby Digital Plus virtual surround (tuned by Bang & Olufsen, apparently). It's compatible with Qi wireless charging, runs Android KitKat, and supports LTE, NFC and ac Wi-Fi.

All that's yours for £6,700 – plus you get Vertu's admittedly high level of customer service extras thrown in, with the Vertu Concierge assistant (a real live person who can make things happen for you, like dinner reservations at booked-up posh restaurants) on tap, and Vertu Certainty, which offers encrypted communications via voice, text and video.

Or you could buy twelve Samsung Galaxy S5s. We're not sure what you'd do with a dozen S5s – maybe build yourself a mobile butterfly that's not made from old junk phones, but cutting-edge flagships instead. That's got to be some sort of profound statement worthy of a Turner Prize, surely.