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Alleged pic of Google Nexus 8 is leaked

If you glance at the image above, what you see may be your first glimpse of Google's upcoming new tablet which sizes the Nexus range up to 8in.

Or it might be a cruel joke thrown to the winds by the rumour Gods, which will blow up in our face come the summer reveal for Google's successor to the Nexus 7.

Which do you think is the case? The images (see the other one here) were spotted by tech site Tracy and Matt (and originally come from, and frankly, the thing has a bezel the size of a motorway lane. We've seen more sophisticated looking tablets carved by ancient Egyptian scribes.

As Tracy and Matt points out, this is either some old beta hardware or prototype; either that, or the Nexus 8 is in some form of chunky case, for testing or disguise purposes (if the latter's true, they could at least have stuck a fake moustache on the display to clarify this). Or, maybe this is a complete fraud all round.

The source of the leak is claiming some info to go along with the pics, and at least those details sound the right notes – a Google I/O unveil (on 25 June) with Android 4.5 on board, although that's pretty much a given, with the slate being powered by a 64-bit Qualcomm chip (which has been previously rumoured – albeit a Tegra 64-bit chip) backed with 3GB of RAM.

Anyway, we shall find out whether this is truth or trash in a couple of weeks.