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Falling behind its competitors? Panasonic's X800 TV will not support Netflix 4K

Panasonic has revealed that its new Ultra HD television will not be compatible with Netflix 4K.

Earlier this year, the streaming service announced that it would be offering ultra high definition content, providing the user had a second gen 2014 UHD television with an onboard HEVC decoder and a suitably fast broadband connection.

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However, Panasonic has announced that its latest AX800 UHD sets will not be able to handle Netflix 4K due to issues with the chip configuration on the model's HEVC decoder.

The news is likely to come as a blow to Panasonic after high profile competitors like Samsung and LG announced support for Netflix 4K at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show.

However, Panasonic's TV product manager, Craig Cunningham attempted to downplay the setback.

"With 4K Blu-ray, Sky 4K and other services potentially launching, and the ability to view 4K video content shot on a Panasonic GH4 system camera, I believe there will soon be plenty of native content available."

Netflix's chief streaming and partnerships officer, Greg Peters, agreed that the audience for 4K content is likely to remain limited for the time being.

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"The numbers are small because we're talking about the universe of 4K TVs which have been shipped so far. It's not a huge number," he told TechRadar, "but it'll get exponentially larger over time."

It is too early to say how much the latest news will hurt sales of Panasonic's new X800 models. In any case, consumers won't have to wait long as the company has pledged that its flagship X900 sets, due to be launched at the IFA convention in Berlin this September, will definitely support Netflix 4K.