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Flickr going it alone: Site to remove Facebook and Google logins

Yahoo's image hosting site, Flickr, has announced that it will no longer accept Facebook and Google logins as of 30 June.

In a move to lessen its reliance on its competitors Yahoo will now look to draw in users directly.

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Three years ago, Yahoo began accepting logins from other services in an attempt to reverse Flickr's declining user base. The rise of other social media sites, such as Twitter and Instagram, were eating into Flickr's audience share while cloud-storage services like Dropbox were offering an alternative to its photo archiving platform.

In a move that mirrors Google's attempts to encourage YouTube users to use their Google+ logins to access the site, Yahoo has now limited the login options for its users.

The company is encouraging Flickr users without a Yahoo account to create one, and is telling users who already have one to connect it before 30 June. The company hasn't indicated if it will remove Facebook and Google logins from its other products, but it is likely that the latest development will be extended, as Yahoo continues to implement changes across its services.

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The announcement is the latest in a line of dramatic adjustments for Flickr. Last month, the site underwent a major re-design, which many users criticised on the site's forum and it remains to be seen how they will react to the latest developments.