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The 10 Commandments of BYOD - Download now

The rapid proliferation of mobile devices entering the workplace feels like divine intervention to many IT leaders. It's as if a voice has boomed down from a mountain, ordering all of the employees you support to procure as many devices as possible and connect them to corporate services en masse. Bring your own device (BYOD) was born and employees followed with fervor.

There's no sense pretending it isn't happening or saying, "We don't let our employees do that." The truth is, they're doing it already and will continue to burrow non-compliant devices into your network with or without your permission. A Gartner CIO survey determined that 80 per cent of employees will be eligible to use their own equipment with employee data on board by 2016.

This raises the inevitable question: how will you support workforce desire to use personal apps and devices while allowing them to be productive in a secure environment that protects corporate data? The 10 Commandments of BYOD show you how to create a peaceful, secure, and productive mobile environment.

Find out what they are by downloading the article below.