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Whitepaper: Scale data protection with your virtual environment

Thanks to an easy-to-measure return on investment (ROI) most data centers' virtual server environments are growing rapidly. Many organizations have implemented a "virtualize first" policy, where all new servers are virtualized. In addition, legacy servers are being migrated to virtual instances as quickly as possible. While virtual environments have shown an incredible ability to scale and generate positive ROI, the data protection process has not. This data protection scaling issue threatens to slow virtualization adoption as well as reduce its ROI.

To scale at the rate of virtualization growth, data protection solutions need to adopt new capabilities and simplify, but not abandon, current features. In order to keep their virtual environments scaling and generating ROI, IT planners need to take a fresh look at what they should expect from data protection solutions so that the data protection process can scale in lock-step to virtualization.

To read more download the whitepaper below.