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HP delivers OneView and ConvergedSystem updates to improve IT-as-a-service infrastructure

HP is aiming to make it easier to deliver IT-as-a-service infrastructure by provisioning a number of management and automation innovations to its OneView and ConvergedSystem offerings.

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The enhancements, which will be delivered in the coming weeks, are designed to address the changing appearance of the IT industry in business so that innovation is put at the forefront.

“With cloud fundamentally changing the way services are delivered across the business landscape, the role of IT is rapidly transforming from a provider of infrastructure support to a strategic business partner,” said Tom Joyce, senior vice president and general manager, Converged Systems, HP. “By delivering workload-optimized systems, HP empowers IT departments to spend less time managing their infrastructure and more time driving innovation for the business.”

HP OneView can now be used as an automation hub that gives customers the chance to simplify and consolidate tools in their environment whilst at the same time automating routine operations. It has a higher level of partner management console integration with various third-party tools from the likes of Microsoft, Red Hat and VMWare that allows data centre infrastructure management from the platform of choice. The new OneView also extends management across HP 3PAR storage and supports flexible storage resource pools with converging automation of servers and storage.

HP’s newly enhanced ConvergedSystem platform for ITaaS, meanwhile, combines OneView with ConvergedSystem 300 and 700 for Virtualisation to give a common management platform across servers, storage and networking. The new platform reduces time by automating routine tasks, breaking down complex tasks, and simplifying IT silos by showing an integrated view of all devices within a data centre, all decreasing IT operational expenses and response times.

HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualisation also allows clients to deploy HP CloudSystem 8 software that extends the system’s functionality from virtualisation to hybrid cloud. The entire ConvergedSystem portfolio is put in place to deliver a faster return on investment using a business model that is dubbed HP Sharks Economics that cuts time spent on system integration and maintenance to give faster results and free up IT resources.

The portfolio also comes with a number of HP App Maps and the company’s Proactive Care support that supplies a single point of contact 24/7 for all system components. Further to this all ConvergedSystem customers get access to the HP Center of Excellence that can decrease unplanned downtime by as much as 66 per cent.

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HP OneView is out now with pricing starting at $699 [£417] and the ConvergedSystem for Virtualisation is also available now with offerings starting at $170,000 [£101,500].