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LaCie 2big Thunderbolt 2 dual-disk RAID solution now on sale

LaCie has announced that its new 2big dual-disk RAID solution with support for Thunderbolt 2 is now available to purchase.

The device offers speeds of up to 420MB/s when using Thunderbolt 2, LaCie claims, and it comes in 6TB, 8TB or 12TB sizes which retail at £449, £619 and £799 respectively.

Note, though, that the 420MB/s figure is the read speed for the largest 12TB model in RAID 0 for performance – the write speed in this case is 320MB/s. Stepping down to the 8TB or 6TB model, read and write speeds are both 360MB/s in RAID 0, and 170MB/s and 180MB/s respectively in RAID 1.

The unit is designed for creative pros who work with large image or video files, and need swift storage with plenty of capacity as a result. A photographer who LaCie spoke to, Seth Resnick, commented: "With the LaCie 2big, I'm moving data at rates I didn't think were possible. Accessing Lightroom libraries directly from the LaCie 2big sets a new standard for my workflow. I can work in real-time with an almost instantaneous response. This is by far the best drive I have ever tested for my workflow."

As well as twin Thunderbolt 2 ports, the LaCie 2big has a USB 3.0 port, in case you have a PC which lacks Thunderbolt.

The 2big boasts front-loading disks complete with status LEDs for each drive, an improved method of heat dissipation over the previous model which is apparently almost silent, and a secret door for tidy cable management.