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Logitech adds Harmony support for Sonos and Fire TV

Logitech's Harmony line is perhaps the best known universal remotes, allowing for easy setup and one-click control over multiple items in the home theatre. Press the TV button, for instance, and your television comes on, your A/V receiver comes on and is set to the proper input and whatever else you care to program in.

Now the company is announcing an update for both its Harmony Ultimate and Harmony Smart Control. The new features include support for controlling Sonos, a whole home stereo system, as well as control over the recently released Amazon Fire TV.

In addition, Logitech states that "if you’ve still been thinking about purchasing the Harmony Ultimate or any of our remotes that come with the Harmony Ultimate Hub, we’ve enhanced the setup process too. During setup, Harmony will automatically detect your Philips Hue lights, Roku, Sonos speakers and other devices on your network, making setup easier than ever". Bear in mind, the Ultimate is not cheap, at $349 (£208).

With the inclusion of the Philips Hue it seems the remotes will be branching out into the field of home automation, making them increasingly more useful, given the amount of devices now flooding the market in this area.