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Mobile app of the day: iPlayer

Windows Phone users have waited a while, but at last their day has come: The BBC iPlayer has arrived. No more do Windows Phone fans have to look at their Android and iPhone owning friends in envy. Now the iPlayer can be installed on a Windows Phone handset – provided it is not stuck on Windows Phone 7.5. The older OS version can't run iPlayer, and it doesn't look as though the BBC is going to do anything about that.

I should point out that this isn't an app in the truest sense – it is a shortcut to the mobile optimised iPlayer website. Still, that's maybe being a bit picky as you do get a live tile and access to plenty of features, and it is all designed to look very iPlayer-like on the Windows Phone screen.

So, Windows Phone users can now watch live TV on demand over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G, browse channel pages and categories, and mark programmes up as favourites. What you can't do is listen to the radio. Watch this space, as the iPlayer Radio app should follow.

Click here to download iPlayer for Windows Phone.

Product: iPlayer

OS: Windows Phone

Price: Free