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What is a social intranet, and how can it help your business?

ITProPortal spoke to Lori Williams, general manager of European operations for Appirio, about what a social intranet is, and how it can help your business save time, increase employee engagement and bring your organisation closer together.

In this video, Lori tells us about how social intranets can help HR managers and business owners keep tabs on what their employees are up to, and eases collaboration among departments and employess.

Lori tells us why apps like Facebook and Twitter provide a great model for social intranets, and why being able to bring the same ease of access to the enterprise.

Lori takes us beyond the buzzword of "employee engagement", and tells us how social intranets can have real benefits in making your employees feel more connected to the business, to their co-workers - and even to their customers. Lori also lets us in on how a social intranet can have very real consequences for an employee's performance.

Social intranets are the future, according to Lori - and not just that: they are increasingly a reality in modern business. Don't get left behind!