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HP Atalla solutions aim to protect data in the cloud

HP has announced new encryption and data protection measures in the form of HP Atalla solutions, which is designed to keep business data secure no matter whether it's sat in the data centre, an on-premise server, or whizzing around in the cloud somewhere.

The broad message is that it provide continuous protection of a company's sensitive data in sectors where the data involved can be critically important, such as finance, government, health and retail, encrypting data as it's shifted around under the umbrella of one system, as opposed to using disparate encryption tools which complicate management and cause potential security risks.

HP provides secure encryption with Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM) 4.0, which unifies and automates encryption controls, reducing the overall cost and difficulty of managing the encryption of sensitive data.

Naturally, sending important data cloud-wards is often a concern in terms of potential security issues, so HP Atalla Cloud Encryption is designed to reduce the complexity of managing encryption in public, private, and hybrid clouds using split-key encryption. The idea is companies with sensitive data are then more likely to be able to leverage the benefits of cloud computing, without worrying they're going to expose customer details.

Art Gilliland, senior VP and general manager, Enterprise Security Products at HP, commented: "As organisations embrace the New Style of IT, protecting sensitive information as it moves within and outside the enterprise becomes more critical than ever before. Building on decades of leadership in information protection, we are now extending the scale and power of HP Atalla's encryption technology from the data centre to the cloud – safeguarding data regardless of where it resides."