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HP Datacenter Care Flexible Capacity offers pay-as-you-go hybrid cloud resources

HP has announced that it has implemented enhancements to its Datacenter Care Flexible Capacity portfolio, including the introduction of a pay-as-you-go flexible payment scheme that's designed to make it more feasible on the cost front for businesses to adopt the system.

Datacenter Care Flexible Capacity provides hybrid cloud resources for customers, with the flexibility to switch between on-premise and public cloud resources (namely the HP Helion Public Cloud) seamlessly.

HP's enhancements for the system not only include the ability to meter and price usage by virtual machine, but the company also notes the introduction of HP Hybrid Cloud Support, which brings enterprise quality support to hybrid cloud resources.

HP also promises a simple system of capacity management via a single portal, with a single billing scheme, and access to HP Helion Professional Services, which means that HP experts are on hand to help decide how workloads should be deployed.

Scott Weller, VP and general manager, Support, Technology Services at HP, commented: "Today, IT must deliver dependable, secure and compliant infrastructure while enabling business agility. HP's Flexible Capacity service delivers agility and stability via pay-as-you-go enterprise-grade infrastructure that scales with the business."

The new HP Datacenter Care Flexible Capacity scheme is available now, worldwide.