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Mobile app of the day: Flickpic

Here's an interesting scenario. You're at a family event and you've just taken a photo. Various people in the photo think it is a fab shot and want their own copy. You start saying "I'll email it to you", but then you think of a better idea. People get their phones out, you flick your phone at theirs, and the photo is transferred as if by magic.

Flickpic is the app you need to perform this feat. Of course, it needs to be on both handsets that want to do the sharing. But if that's the case, then you can send images to one or more connected handsets. Once they've been received the photos are stored just temporarily, unless the recipient decides to save them.

Flickpic uses a local wireless connection to pair handsets, so you don't need to have Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection to use it. As I write the app is Windows Phone only, but Android and iOS versions are promised. Keep an eye on the app stores or for news.

Click here to download Flickpic for Windows Phone.

Product: Flickpic

OS: Windows Phone

Price: Free