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SwiftKey Android keyboard app is now free

SwiftKey, a popular Android app which provides a predictive keyboard that lets you swipe a finger across letters to type faster, has made the bold move of going free.

Previously, the app was sold for £2.99, but now you'll be able to avail yourself of its typing goodness for nothing; which is pretty darn good news for any Android holdouts. This is definitely one that's worth trying out now it's a freebie download, as many absolutely swear by the app, and remarks about how folks couldn't go back to the default Android keyboard are certainly not unheard of.

SwiftKey grabbed a Best Buy award and four-and-a-half stars out of five in our review last year, and this was when you had to spend three quid on it.

So how will the SwiftKey developers make a crust, now? Well, the new version comes with a SwiftKey Store replete with premium themes you can purchase, with over 30 new ones users can buy to begin with.

Incidentally, those who had already paid for SwiftKey get themselves a premier pack of 10 new themes as a thank you. Many more themes are planned to be released, of course.

Other changes with this latest incarnation of the app include 800 new emojis, complete with emoji prediction (though you'll need Android 4.1 or above for this), plus autocorrect has been made smarter, and more languages are supported.

It's certainly a bold move to make the app free, in the hope that the swelling user base will pick up enough themes to exceed the old up-front cash intake – fingers crossed the model works out, as obviously free apps are great for Android handset owners.

Rival swiping keyboard app Swype will certainly have plenty to think about, given that it still retails for £2.42.