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Video: How secure is the Internet of Things?

"One of the things we can guarantee," Simon Bell tells us, "is that [the Internet of Things] is going to be creating masses and masses of data. We're talking about things like lawnmowers, coffee machines, door locks. So the engineers and manufacturers who are developing these devices are also going to have to be data experts."

It's a fair point, and one that's not frequently addressed. By connecting our homes and workplaces, the Internet of Things will collect vast amounts of data on our daily routines – but just what is being done with this data?

Simon Bell and Steve Demianyk of Ipswitch caught up with ITProPortal to chat through some of the security concerns surrounding the Internet of Things. You can see the full interview above, or if you're new to the whole Internet of Things buzzword check out their other video explaining exactly what IoT is and how it will affect you.