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Whitepaper: Top 10 reasons federated deduplication is the right data protection strategy

With data stores doubling in size every 12 to 18 months and consistent increases in virtual server footprints, virtual machine density and throughput requirements, IT teams are understandably concerned about the cost, performance and efficiency of their current data protection infrastructure. When it comes to requisite backup and recovery infrastructure, size matters. The more data there is, the more time and resources are consumed by data protection processes. And as companies look to increase their virtualization footprints and remote office/branch office (ROBO) operations to optimize data centers and expand business reach, they add costly and risky complexity to those processes.

Traditional data deduplication solutions enable IT teams to manage the growth of data stores but do little to conserve data protection resources or reduce cost and management overhead. In contrast, next-generation deduplication provides a single, consistent technology that works across virtual machines to significantly reduce storage requirements and increase performance. Here are 10 reasons federated deduplication makes sense for busy, growing, resource-conscious IT operations.

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