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Apple makes more App Store changes, as Europe catches up with the US

Apple has made a number of changes to its European App Store, including the introduction of more human curation and a new landing page.

To bring it closer in line with its US and Canadian version, the European App Store will now feature recommendations and themed collections from Apple's editorial teams. This will be available across productivity, photo and video, sport, music, lifestyle, health and travel categories which were all previously sorted by an algorithm.

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The firm has also introduced a new landing page for the store across PCs, Macs and iOS, to highlight the new categories.

The change is the latest attempt to bring some order to the increasingly cluttered platform. Since its launch in 2008, the App Store has generated more than 75 billion downloads, and now features 1.2 million applications. Prior to human categorisation, the store struggled to remain geographically relevant, with Chinese-language apps sometimes appearing on the UK homepage, for example.

The change is good news for developers too, who no longer have to rely on the App Store algorithm in order to feature on category homepages.

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The news is likely to be just the start of a series of developments for the App Store, with the company announcing more changes as part of the iOS 8 launch at its Worldwide Developers Conference.

Similarly, with Google's own developer conference, I/O, arriving later this month, the firm may reveal an overhaul to their Google Play store to match Apple's.