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Daily Deals: Samsung 840 EVO 1TB for £303

Physical storage still matters - and guess what? More is more.

The Samsung 840 EVO hard drive is getting on for a year old now, but the top model of the series still packs 1 terrabyte of storage space.

Order it in from and it's yours for £302.22 (€378.43). Add on delivery and the total is still a mere £314.17, though if you have a zero fee card you can negate this additional fee. Prices are coming down periodically too, so you might clinch an even better deal when you come to read this.

There's also a comforting 3-year limited warranty.

The 840 series was the first to use triple level cell (TLC) memory, which saves three bits to each memory cell, as opposed to the alternative multi level cell storage (MLC), which saves only two to each cell.

Samsung consequently only needs two-thirds of the number of memory cells for the same amount of storage. Production costs are hence lowered by this feat of design.