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Google and ESPN offer World Cup highlights embedded in search results

Google has teamed up with ESPN to include video highlights of this summer’s 2014 FIFA World Cup when users look to find out scores.

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The new feature sees Google work with ESPN FC to pair in-progress and post-match highlights with any search query that is related to the tournament meaning that fans will be kept up to date at all times.

Better than that it was revealed that the clips don’t need any cable subscription or other kind of authentication to be able to run and the only time that has to be spent away from Google involves a visit to

The highlights will be available across any of the mediums that offer Google search services including desktop web browsers, smartphones, and tablets.

Further to this if the search terms used concerns viewing a full game, such as “watch World Cup”, it will direct fans towards live streams of full games on WatchESPN and this part does require a cable subscription, with UK viewers likely to plump for BBC or ITV coverage, which is free of charge.

Google has already been going all out for this World Cup with a number of features that take advantage of the feeling of euphoria amongst football fans that is felt every four years.

An official blog post confirmed that simple searches for the World Cup brings up team lineups before each game, live scores and up-to-the-minute information on goals, players, and any injuries that may have occurred.

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Google Now isn’t left out and offers updates on either all teams in the World Cup or a selection of sides with users able to select those teams it wants to keep track of during the tournament.