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New Xbox One ad with Aaron Paul turning on consoles without permission

Owners of Microsoft's Xbox One console are complaining that a new TV advert starring Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul is turning on their consoles without their permission.

In the ad, the actor says "Xbox on," which has triggered a number of consumers' consoles to turn on via their Kinect voice sensor.

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A spokesman for the company refused to comment on the specific ad, but stated that previous campaigns had also featured voice commands.

Unfortunately for the software giant, this is not the first time that issues have been reported with the Kinect sensor, which features microphones and motion sensing cameras.

In November last year, Xbox One owner Tom Kimberl posted a YouTube video showing an internet ad launching a game on his console, with the command, "Xbox go to Dead Rising 3."

The latest glitch emerges as the company looks to be making a subtle move away from the motion sensor technology. Previously seen as an integral part of its latest console, the firm has recently begun selling a cheaper version of the Xbox One, without the peripheral, which retails at the same price as Sony's Playstation 4.

Similarly, Microsoft's appearance at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) last week was notable for the lack of games compatible with the Kinect add-on. Only three titles, including a Disney motion-controlled music game and an independent game called Fru utilised the technology. The company also announced that a forthcoming software update would allow developers to harness more graphical power from the console when Kinect was not in use.

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However, despite the latest advertisement hitch, the campaign does suggest that Microsoft is not ready to give up on the Kinect hardware, even if it is no longer a compulsory purchase.