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Pinterest enhances Place Search with Foursquare technology

Pinterest is adding richer search options to its product as it attempts to offer users an easier way to find photos and also search for pictures in relation to where they were taken.

The new “Guided Search” feature was announced earlier on this week and it has now added “Place Search” thus making it “more intuitive”, according to the firm’s engineering blog, and giving users what they want.

At its most basic level it will make it simpler for users to place a Pin on a Place Board across the firm’s iOS app and the web services. This is a change from the original Place Search that let its users search within a city, within the current map view and globally. The change now is that all searches can be administered from a single box interface.

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This has been made possible by the fact its using geocoder technology created by Foursquare known as Twofishes that allows geographic names to be identified from within searches. One example given by the company’s engineering blog is when searching for Springfield as it could be Springfield MO, IL, MA or VA. The same technology also allows individual venues to be identified.

Implementing this new search feature means that “Pinners” will be able to “judge the quality of our place search results based on what’s included in this list and whether their intended place appears near the top,” according to the same engineering blog.

All the changes are already live within the Pinterest iOS app and on the web with Android users getting the same changes soon.