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Samsung's Galaxy Tab S beats Apple to first fingerprint recognition tablet

Samsung's new flagship tablet, the Galaxy Tab S looks set to beat Apple in the race to be the first tablet with fingerprint-reading technology.

The feature, which is incorporated into the new Android tablet, arrives a full four months before the Touch ID fingerprint sensor is expected to arrive with the new iPad Air and mini tablets released in October.

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The new device, which comes in 8.4in and 10.5in versions, will also boast high-resolution organic LED (OLED) screens, which are widely expected to replace LCD displays. OLEDs are generally more energy efficient and offer deeper blacks and more vibrant colours than those available on LCD screens.

Samsung will be hoping that the latest release reinforces their growing share of the world tablet market. The firm held an 18 per cent share last year and shipped 39.2 million tablets compared to Apple's 35 per cent and 74.3 million tablets.

Denise Yuan, tablet planner for Samsung, said in an interview with the Guardian, "We performed a lot of research on consumer usage and found that people mainly use tablets for web browsing, videos and gaming - entertainment mostly, which made the display the most important part and why we focused on bringing our Super AMOLED screen to the Tab S."

The Galaxy Tab S will also launch with the latest version of Android KitKat 4.4.2, Samsung's Exynos eight-core processor, 3GB of RAM and the option of 16 or 32GB of internal storage. The tablet will also be available in 3G and 4G models, with the ability to make calls and send text messages.

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The tablet, which will also be available in two colours, "dazzling white" and "titanium bronze," will launch between the end of June and beginning of July and will cost around $399 (£235) for the 8.4in version and $499 (£294) for the 10.5in model.