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Whitepaper: Driving Business Value with Desktop Virtualisation

The rapid rise of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is hastily changing the face of the desktop as we know it. Only four or five years ago, dealing with a heterogeneous client environment meant dealing with different versions of Windows. Today, a true heterogeneous environment has sprung up with iOS, Android, and even Windows 8 devices. And while many applications are SaaS or mobile based, an even larger number of applications are not; and organizations need to be able to deliver these desktop applications to any device, anytime, anywhere — today!

Client virtualization technologies such as centralized virtual desktops (CVDs) — also known as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) — or virtual user session (VUS) software can provide centrally managed, virtual desktops that can be securely streamed to nearly any device.

To read more, download the whitepaper below.