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EE discounts: Company offers deal on broadband service for non-mobile subscribers

EE has decided that customers who just want a fixed line broadband service can get one standalone at the same rate as the firm's mobile subscribers.

Previously, those mobile subscribers got fixed line broadband at a discounted rate, while non-mobile users had to pay more.

As the IB Times notes, in fact non-mobile subscribers had to fork out £10 more every month, but they can now get up to 17Mbps broadband at the rate of £2.50 per month for the first year, and then £9.95 per month after that.

That's a DSL line, of course – if you want Fibre (of up to 38Mbps) then you'll need to fork out more, namely a fiver every month for the first three months, and then £19.95 going forward.

EE is evidently pushing hard to up its broadband numbers, and further noted that the company also offers to buy customers out of their current contract, up to a value of £100 at any rate.

Marie-Louise Abretti of commented: "EE's really going for the jugular with its £100 buy-out promise. This has been around for a while, but it's only now EE's really shouting about it. It means that people unhappy with their current service but locked into a contract will be able to wriggle out of it – with EE footing the bill."

"It's every broadband provider's worst nightmare – and it means they will have to work that bit harder to keep customers happy and loyal."

EE also has other offers to tempt customers in, such as two-for-one cinema tickets.