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IBM’s Watson scores another customer service deal with Genesys

Genesys has become the latest company to enlist the help of IBM’s Watson supercomputer in order to power a customer experience portal that alters how companies interact with customers.

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The new solution combines the Genesys Customer Experience Platform with the Watson Engagement Advisor to allow organisations across the globe to interact with customers using data driven insights and automated actions.

“This combined solution delivers sophisticated yet simple to manage knowledge capabilities to transform self-service systems and human interactions into positive brand impressions,” said Paul Segre, President and CEO, Genesys. “With Watson, our new solution provides a transformational customer experience with a natural and informed transition from self service to agent assistance to yield better business outcomes."

The new solution works by empowering both sides of the customers service experience with an Ask Watson feature that can field customer questions, offer feedback to guide purchases and troubleshoot problems all in one fell swoop.

Genesys customer service agents gain a Watson cloud-based advisor that thinks, learns and provides expert insights whilst at the same time going through millions of pages of data in just seconds to help customers and the customer service agents serving them.

The new solution can also recognise when a customer needs to speak to a representative and not simply take part in a self service interaction with the right solution having the ability to create a new sales opportunity. Once Watson sees this is the case it transfers the customer to the best sales agent available and not just the next one available.

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All of this brings a cognitive computing experience that empowers call centre agents with more knowledge that takes time away from searching for answers that can instead be used to improve the customer experience.