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Loads of Pinterest accounts compromised by weight loss spam attack

Pinterest has seen a large number of accounts compromised by spammers who then used them as a vehicle to promote their dodgy weight loss links.

The incident saw numerous posts that spilled across into linked Twitter accounts, all praising the virtues of: "An asian fruit that burns fat for you?? Yes please!"

And others boasted about the amount of their weight loss, with drops of around a stone being bragged about.

Pinterest has responded and according to Sky News, the photo sharing site said in a statement: "We were alerted to some instances of spam and responded by immediately placing impacted accounts in safe mode, and reaching out to Pinners as we solved the issue."

"We're constantly working on ways to keep Pinners safe through reactive and proactive steps, as well as educating them on the importance of using complex and unique passwords."

Why use a very strong password – a long one consisting of letters, number and characters – the uninitiated might ask? It's just good practice to do so, because should your details be whipped off a server in a security breach, any password thieved should be encrypted, and the stronger your password, the less likely it is to be brute-force cracked and your account compromised.

Last week, Pinterest announced new search features to help users find pictures relative to the location where they were snapped.