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UK boasts the world's “most open ICT sector”

The UK has one of the most open ICT sectors in the world a new report has claimed.

The study says that the UK leads the world in terms of the “globalisation” of its IT sector, ahead of the US in fourth place and above the Netherlands and Germany (in second and third place respectively).

The Economist Insights research, The ICT Globalisation Index, is a quantitative ranking of the degree of globalisation in national ICT sectors, comprising of 25 indicators across four categories:

  • openness to ICT trade
  • openness to foreign investment in the ICT sector
  • strength of ICT environment
  • R & D (research and development) globalisation.

Although Europe “leads the way” in openness, the report says that growth across the continent is uneven.

For example, the Index claims that the UK, Netherlands and Germany lead because of their willingness to embrace new technology, but countries including Spain and Italy are lagging behind.

The study also claims that emerging markets rank highly on openness as regards ICT trade, but fare poorly in overall ICT achievement.

It adds that there are tensions between the benefits of greater openness and attendant security challenges.

Global ICT market always changing

“The ICT sector has rapidly become globalised in the past few decades, driven initially by companies seeking to reap the immediate cost benefits of outsourcing,” claims the report.

“Today, the landscape has grown increasingly complex as governments too seek to capture the benefits of technologies while simultaneously trying to nurture domestic industries and protect against global digital threats,” it adds.